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Discounts and Coupons for Groceries and Frozen and Prepackaged Meals

Many supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, and online retailers now offer coupons and discounts to boost their sales. Some people go to extremes and use coupons to get free groceries. And many people organize, collect, and clip coupons to save on groceries.


Websites and online retailers offer printable coupons and major discounts. But there are also apps for mobile devices that allow customers to locate stores, find coupons, and make shopping lists. They are compatible with Android, iPad, and iPod Touch. One app offers a gallery that features hundreds of coupons to be printed and emailed. There is an option to organize coupons and add them to a savings card. What is more, users can search for coupons by category and add details such as price, package size, and quantity. Barcode scanning is also a beneficial feature.

There are different apps for mobile devices that help users to save money. Extreme couponers use apps that allow them to manage registries and items, shop online, and receive coupons and deals on their mobile devices. Other apps allow users to receive store ads, exclusive offers, and discounts. Some apps have additional functionalities that allow customers to take pictures of coupons and store information such as the expiration date. Users can redeem, store, and scan coupons.

Grocery and Retail Coupon Databases and Other Ways to Save Money

Besides apps for mobile devices, there are other ways to find coupons for grocery items and prepackaged meals. Obviously, your local newspaper is the first place to check for coupons. You can also ask your parents, family, and friends to save them for you. Dumpster diving is another option. Go to your recycling center and ask a staff member if this is allowed. Another option is to write or email retailers and ask if they offer discounts. Visit databases and retailers’ and manufacturers’ websites as well. You may want to sign up for their newsletters to receive regular updates. Another way to find discounts is to look for tearpads, blinkies, and peelies. You will find tearpads on displays and shelves. The cereal aisle is where you usually find blinkies. Peelies are offered for specific products you intend to buy. You may find coupons in your junk mail as well.

Discounts and Coupons for Diet Foods and Low Carb Meals

If you are on a low carb diet and are in college, you can choose from different plans and prepackaged meals and take advantage of generous discounts. Many companies offer a selection of meals for dinner, lunch, and breakfast, as well as desserts and snacks. Online retailers offer discounts on different low carb plans to bring the price down. Customers can get up to 40 percent off with some coupons. There is a choice of menus and plans, including vegetarian, diabetic, and men’s and women’s plans. Dieters can choose from different meal options, including broccoli and cheese melt, cheddar broccoli rice, chicken parmesan pasta, tuna salad, and others. There is a selection of desserts, snacks, and protein drinks as well. Dieters choose from healthy low carb or low GI desserts such as chocolate caramel bars, coconut almond bars, and peppermint cookie patties.

Retailers also offer discounts on frozen food. You can choose from different frozen meals and foods such as chicken fingers, stuffed chicken breasts, broccoli and cheese, and chicken parmesan. The meals offered are fully cooked (for example, asparagus and cheese). Some manufacturers also offer printable coupons for your convenience.