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Low Carb Coupons for Restaurants and At-Home Meals

Restaurants, grocery stores, fast food chains, and retailers offer coupons and discounts to new and existing customers. There are many websites that offer restaurant coupon codes and promos. And while most are not specifically designated as low carb, there is plenty of choice. Some retailers require that customers download an app to receive or print coupons.

Restaurant Promos and Discounts

Coupons are offered by many websites and online databases. Make sure you check the expiration date, however. Some diners offer free chips and drinks which is not the best option if you are on a low carb diet. Others offer diet-friendly meals such as lobster bites, salads, and more. Some restaurants also offer a free kidís meal with adult meals purchased.

At-home Meals

There are plenty of options for at-home meals with low carb content. You can either order online or go grocery shopping. Retailers also offer promo codes, deals, and discounts on selected items. Free shipping is also offered. There are meal delivery plans that offer fresh-frozen and fresh food with various selections and tasty food options. Meals are delivered to your office or door step. Some plans also offer a substitution list for religious preferences, food allergies, food restrictions, vegans, and vegetarians. The menu varies depending on the provider of choice. Generally, you can choose from hundreds of meal options that fit into a low carb lifestyle. There are breakfast items, lunch entrees, and dinner meals to choose from. For example, you can have roasted Norwegian salmon, chicken burrito bowl, broccoli and beef, or pork tenderloin. In addition to a large selection of entrees to choose from, providers also feature promotions and newsletters to attract customers. They offer satisfying portions and local pickup options for your convenience. Providers also claim that readymade food is less expensive than cooking at home.

While portion size varies when cooking at home, retailers offer well portioned meals. What is more, meals are nutritionally balanced and contain the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and calories. Customers save time and money and eat a balanced diet. Providers also claim that restaurant meals exceed the fat, sodium, and calorie limits established by the US Department of Agriculture. Low carb diets, on the other hand, recommend limiting sodium and the consumption of foods that contain saturated and trans fats.

Other Options

In addition to restaurant meals and meal delivery plans, you will find discounts and promos offered by online retailers, health food stores, convenience stores, gourmet stores, and supermarkets. They offer gluten-free mixes and foods, organic and specialty foods, and more. Nutritional supplements and protein bars are also available. Whether you are looking for dips and salsas, milk alternatives, bread substitutes, or drink mixes, there is a wide array of foods on offer. Some retailers also feature diet-specific foods for customers who are on the Atkins, Dukan, or another low carb diet. They can choose from treat bars, shakes, meal bars, and a lot more.